Lovejoy's is about enjoying the ritual of taking tea in a most unique and unpretentious setting. We blend the tradition of tea service with an eclectic, quirky and playful spirit.

The first Lovejoy's Tea Room opened in San Francisco in the early 1990s.  Originally an antique shop that served a good cup of tea, the customers soon became more interested in the tea and scones than in the antiques, and the tea room was born.  The name, Lovejoy's was inspired by Jonathan Gash's series of novels about an antique dealer/amateur detective named "Lovejoy" (made into a BBC television series in the 1970s). 

Over the past 20 years, Lovejoy's has expanded to include locations in Pacifica and Redwood City, CA, as well as Portland, Oregon.  We are delighted to now be introducing Lovejoy's of Ashland! Each one brings the lovely ritual of tea to its community.